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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet the pyro: day two

Well Valve is good at getting people excited with new items.  Looks like Pyro will get his (or hers) but also Scout, Sniper and Soldier.  Get your metal and tokens in order!  Details at TF2 blog here and here.


  1. I can't wait to use some of those new items!!!

  2. I'm a little disappointed that for the last week or so, all we have gotten are announcements (and some banana peels). I was hoping to play the new mode yesterday, and kept looking for the map on the servers...

    Guess I just gotta wait one more day.

    BTW, the map sounds great. Kinda like Cranetop, which is one of my favorite maps.

  3. Oh man, these new toys... and that Sniper rifle... DO WANT

    My opinions on the new weapons (get ready for some really long posts!):
    Baby Face's Blaster: Sweet design, but I don't like the speed penalty. That makes you have 98% speed, which makes you pretty much be able to be reached by anything that's not a Soldier, Heavy, Eyelander Demo(knight) or Scout without this gun. That said, the accuracy is good, and if they only gave it more ammo instead of that Boost to offset the damage penalty, it would be better. Hopefully the boost will be short to charge, but right now, I think it's Underpowered.

    Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol: Excellent utility. More life for Scout means it will be harder to deal with if it runs at normal speed and no fall damage makes it better. I really don't mind the downsides, as I'm guessing the gun will fire at Ambassador/Enforcer speed, and I tend to point and shoot instead of spamming unless I'm in peril, and only idiot Scouts run close to a Pyro. Just be careful if they have a Flare Gun. A bit Overbalanced, but good.

    Cleaner's Carbine: NEW SMG!!! 20 bullets per magazine, no crits and slower firing speed is not bad if you manage to pull the kill with this thing, which gives you 3 secs of crits. I tend to use SMG's like a revolver with 3-round burst capability at mid-range so that first bullet is precise. Slower speed means it'll be kinda awful in CQB, so be ready to take out your Kukri instead, and use this SMG in mid-range instead. With a smart spy on your side (lol) that tells you who has the lowest health, or a Medic with the Solemn Vow equipped, you can pretty much wreck small groups if one of their members is low on HP with the 3 seconds of crits. Balanced weapon in my opinion.

    (Next post has more opinions)

  4. Hitman's Heatmaker: Oh man... this baby right here... this is a WA2000, which makes it the best Sniper rifle in looks. Some folks say this is a straight upgrade from the vanilla rifle, but the penalty on bodyshots says otherwise. This, just like the Bazaar Bargain, is pretty much a weapon for experts only, since you need to aim for the head. Focus is a bit confusing, so I'll judge it 'til the weapon's out. Now then, what is the best part of this baby? Headshot kills decapitate. OH YESSSS. You better get ready for the waves and high-fives you'll see from your target when he pulls a BOOM HEADSHOT on you, which trust me, I will do EVERY TIME when I get this baby.
    Overpowered in looks, balanced overall.

    Beggar's Bazooka: At first I thought it would be another 3 round launcher with one upside, then I didn't see any capacity penalties. I can see it already... people are going to consider this weapon a crutch just like the Phlog, Enforcer or Liberty Launcher because the three rockets fired at the samge time is much, much better than the CM5K's charged shot. And it doesn't slow you down while you load the three rockets! If the engineer's unlucky and the three rockets hit its sentry despite the rocket deviation, he's in some serious trouble. Also, heavies are gonna have nightmares if the three rockets hit him (and yes, I'm assuming the soldier is loading the rockets and fires them at the same time in both cases mentioned). 4 rocket magazine and this ability make it Overpowered in my opinion (and I'm ignoring the last downside, which is redundant, seeing how ammo boxes and dropped weapons are abundantly abundant in this game). However, the deviation makes me think it will end balanced in the end. We'll see once this weapon's released...

    Scorch Shot: Only knockback and 50% less damage? C'mon, at least the Detonator has more utility. I don't even think the ignition radius will be useful. Make it have the ability to crit targets on flames or make it an Eyelander version of a Flare Gun that gets more attack as you get more kills and it's balanced. Otherwise, this weapon is without a doubt, Underpowered.

    Some nice toys. In my opinion, the Sniper weapons are hands down the best. Second place goes to the new launcher, third to the Scout weapons (the pistol's great, but the shotgun's shit) and final to that crappy flare gun. I'm really, really glad the WA2000-based rifle, the Leon glasses and beanie, and that SMG made it in the game though! I loved that movie, and the first time I saw them in the Workshop, I wished that these weapons made it in the game. And now look! They're real! Now I'm gonna use Sniper more often! :D

    Those are my opinions on the weapons. Opinions of my opinions are welcome. Now back to waiting for the code while I play TLoZ: The Minish Cap...

    1. I honestly think the scorch shot was meant as keepaway so you dont waste all your ammo on airblasting continuosly. It's made for escape and not for straight up fighting. To use it for fighting maybe on a demoknight (without the grenade launcer). This actually works well with stuff like the backburner or phlog where airblasting is either risky or not available. Just be cause it only has two different stats doesn't make it underpowered. That's just my opinion but I guess we gotta see how good the knockback is before i judge any further. But I do like your opinions :D