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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26th key has been won

In an epic tale that rivals any of the upcoming Olympic storylines, Eric Magnus has finally won a key, fair and square.  He was the first to send us today's code which was 'hottie'.  It was (not so) hidden in our message text just below the main banner and read "June 26 vital text is 'hottie'".  Congratulations to Eric on winning today's key.  Good luck to everyone on tomorrow's free key (details here if you are new to all this).  It's Pyromania tomorrow!


  1. darn mate, i was a bit to slow. But would you mind to put the next code the next time not 4:20 a.m here?

  2. for the first time i actually saw the code lol. Congrats to the winner.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thing is, I'm not lucky. You have to be lucky, or consistently pressing F5 all day waiting for the change to come and you notice it.

  5. Hehe, congrats to Eric.

    btw, how much time did it past between you've posted code and Eric's email?
    and between Eric's email and my one? /I'm MPogoda/

  6. and i've just realised, that engi is missing from top banner :o

  7. Nice job on finally winning eric, i had a feeling you would get one eventually

  8. Aw, I was expecting you would put my Steam name instead! Great, now I won't be able to outsmart the enemy when I nag about how some guy named IIIIFIREBIRDIIII won the key, and then reveal my identity. :(

    Still, I'm happy I finally won! Jeez, I still can't believe I would take out a clutch win in the last week! Now I can MGE and sleep in peace and be motivated for tomorrow when the update drops!

    This does not mean I will stop coming here though. You can expect my presence every time there's an update, and I'll drop a comment opinating on it.

    Now congratulate me I say! *Maniacal Heidegger laughter*

    (Yes, I've revealed my identity. I was going to do it until this moment anyways. My name's that one, but replace the I's with l's. And no, I'm not an MGE pro, as I begun playing it since last week, ehehehe!)

    1. Oh, and the reason my comment is here is because I corrected something I said in the first one to avoid a bit of controversy. Lack of edit button makes me have to delete the first comment and copy it here.

      Anyways, thank you y'all! Now to wait for MtP and the update! I WANT HITMAN'S HEATMAKER NAO >:D