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Monday, May 7, 2012

TF2 Crate Sim

What more fun can you have than wasting hundreds of dollars in fake money?  If you're an avid crate unboxer then this may not do it for you, but to those who don't have a trust-fund it may be just good enough.  This crate simulator allows gamers to unbox most crates (the latest and greatest aren't there yet, only up to #36).  There is a tally of how much you've spent as well (at Valve prices for keys so if you buy them through other sources then you will have to factor in that yourself).


  1. I like this simulator (except for the music). I may be wrong, but it seems like Crate #1 has a better chance of giving you an unusual. I'm probably wrong.

  2. Well I haven't tested it yet, but there is this other one, that has crates up to series 42, including the Salvaged ones. Here is the Link if anyone wants to try it. Though according to what it says, the stats are based on actual unboxing. Either way, they cannot be taken as real date, I mean, the only way to know what will be in the box is actually unboxing it. But it gives you a nice idea of what you might get. Here is the link if anyone wants to try it.