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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poll results: Your opinion on "Duped" items

It appears that few Team Fortress players actually like duped items, or just don't really know what they are or simply don't care.  Loving a duped item may mean getting it for a cheap price or something else we are unaware of.

Poll: Your opinion on "Duped" items

Won't touch 'em!
  1406 (42%)
Love them!
  641 (19%)
What does duped mean? What's an opinion?
  1262 (38%)

Votes so far: 3309
Poll closed 


  1. To me I think duped items are exactly the same in the real world as they are in TF2. Say you have a counterfeit designer watch, it does the job, but to a collector who collects designer watches, it just won't do it. It's the same in tf2, duped items do the job but to a collector they mean nothing.

    1. Perfectly said Unknown, but its up to the user to decide whats right. Personally, I think that they are mainly a good thing knowing that it provides more variety to trade with hence more unusuals.

    2. The problem with this analogy is that duplicated items by definition are the exact same as the original items. A better analogy would be if you got your Rolex stolen and had insurance on it and rolex sent you a new one with the same serial number. It's just a bloody number!

  2. Unless if valve says they will delete them again, no one really cares.
    The only time they care is when they plan on reselling and fear that it might be harder to sell.

  3. The only time a person really cares is if they plan on reselling and fear it might be harder to sell.

  4. Cept one is a cheap knock off and the other is impossible to tell the difference.

  5. Haha, everyone picked "What's a duped item" because everyone thought it would be funny to see how stupid some people are. Lol.

  6. I've been making my rounds, trying to find lots of duped items. I plan to craft what can be crafted and delete what can't. It's going to cost me a lot of metal but that's not really an issue. I also plan to start a black list of people who've obviously duped items.

  7. You people seem out of touch with what most players feel about duped items.

    Most people do not care if an item is duped as long as they know that Valve will not delete the item. The poll choices even reflect how out of touch you people are. Instead of a "I don't care" option, the third option is "What does duped mean? What's an opinion?" as though you have to either love or hate duped items.

    This poll was skewed towards the "Won't touch 'em!" option since it's mostly hardcore traders who frequent this spreadsheet. If you were to poll the general playerbase, then the "I don't care option" would gotten the vast majority of votes.

    I have sold many duped unusual hats for what I would have gotten for a non-duped unusual hat. The simple fact is the vast majority of players do not care about duped status.