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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Poll closed, you've voted that you are undecided!

So we could see where things were going with our poll regarding % of items vs. the old # of items.  From the start it was a horse race and didn't let up until the end.  The "# of items" choice ultimately won out by a mere 19 votes.  Because we appear to have a split we will keep the % of items and re-add the # of items column while doing all the math for you.  The only caveat is that we want to use accurate data on how many actual TF2 players there are currently - which we will attempt to get in good faith and with haste.  When we get that mystical # we will re-add the # of items back.  Fear not.

I like % ownership, it's more accurate
  140 (39%)
Go back to # of items owned, its not perfect but I like a number
  159 (44%)
I don't care.
  55 (15%)

Votes total: 354

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