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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

% Ownership of items vs. # Ownership of items

So thank you all for making the way over to our new home.  A lot of comments, keep them coming!

I want to address the new column "% Ownership of Items".  The reason this has been changed is that changed their sample size from around 90,000 players to 20,000 players.  They get this data directly from Valve so this is what they get.  Does this mean that suddenly there are only 20K TF2 players?  No.  It means that Valve has chosen to send less data to tf2stats.

There are more than 20,000 TF2 players so getting a specific "count" of items with the current data would be an estimate (as was the old data but at least it was 90K unique users albeit with tf2stats' tinkering).  So, keep a percentage or go with a specific # (although inaccurate)?  Comments welcome, vote to your right.


  1. I like the percent better because noone really knows how many players there really are. Some people have multiple accounts too. As long as the sample is larger than 1000 players like it seems to be then you are getting a good result.

  2. I much preferred the number. I liked knowing that I was one of X people who have Y item (Spacechem Pin awww yeaaa). Percentages are nice too, you could always do both ofc!

  3. I'm still conflicted as to whether this guide is a good thing or bad. Good cuz it helps guide me on the more obscure items but also I hate it cuz it makes it harder to get a good deal; obviously.

    However, one thing I'm not sure could be quantified but would love to see is a demand metric. I mean, technically vintage tryants helm and vintage bald engie are worth the same but I think most would much rather have the v tyrants. Plus, I think it'd be much harder to sell the v bald engie at the higher 4 ref range than the tyrants.

    Lastly, another metric that'd be cool is like a price stability meter. Like ellis cap, it's a solid 2-3 scraps. That price isn't moving at all. The veil, no longer new and facing competition from the anger, is falling and will continue to do so.

    And anyone in the unusual world will tell you that max head is on the rise. Atleast til the speculators are ready to cash out and the price falls again.

    - a tasty serving of (frequent tf2 trader)

    P.S. If you refuse to move an inch from the high end of your item value, I'm gonna pass and find one of the other 20 people trying to sell the item. Plus, if you're gonna offer a bunch of items for my one really expensive item, I'm gonna charge a premium for having to resell it/ having less liquid resources. My time is valuable.

  4. 635ba: I understand your concern. Perhaps you should take a look at it in another way. As you know the TF2 economy has fluctuated quite a bit in the past 6 months. When prices move down across the board, as they did recently with vintage hats and weapons - the spreadsheet was not showing those changes until the market moved first. As the market changed, someone still trying to sell, say, a vintage brigade helm for 4-5 refined would never sell it thus they would lower their price.

    Your demand metric idea is good. I thought about a simple demand qualifier/quantifier like a rating from 1-5. 5 being hottest, 1 being nottest.

    Max is on the rise, as is reflected by the sheet (it went from 3x+ buds back up to 4x+).

  5. Also, please, PLEASE allow iPhone users to scroll down the list. I have little time on an actual computer for price checking sometimes, and I often have to see stuff that isn't at the very top of the list.

  6. A percentage is much better because the number is irrelevant on it's own. It really puts into perspective how rare a HOUWAR is and how common Gibus is. 100% lol