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Monday, December 17, 2012

Free Hats & Miscs Monday!

Today we are doing another Free Hat & Misc. Monday.  We have a bunch of hats and misc items that are in need of new homes (your backpacks).  Every Monday we are giving them out to our loyal TF2 spreadsheet visitors.  Keep checking back for your chance to win!  Don't send random emails or post questions about entering this contest, we will let you know how and when to enter.  Today's grand-prize will be ?.

Also, don't forget Strange Tuesday is tomorrow! Also "Mystery Bag Wednesdays" where every Wednesday we give away multiple random items to a winner or winners (this won't be just a bunch of weapons, btw.)


  1. You're just putting a question mark there because you have no idea what to use as a grand prize aren't you?

  2. Replies
    1. One thing for sure is that the grand prize does not contain OS X.

  3. Well, only people adding comments from long time have chance to win something?

    1. I love it when people read the directions!

  4. Dang. I've been viewing since 2010. But i've never commented. :(
    Goodluck to everyone though. :D

  5. Dammit I come here so much, but I never comment. Guess I better start

  6. You don't have to comment to win. Come on.