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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Keys Part Uno (keys won, no more emails)

We are giving away two keys right now. One each goes to emailer #80 and #160. Starting now, send us one email with a link to your steam profile (many names have duplicates). Do not send more than one email. If you break this rule you won't be able to win this or any other future contest. Tell your friend and maybe he/she will win. Contest details and answers to most of your questions are here.

Update: keys have been won, no more emails for this contest please.

This contest's winners were "Darkkoopa" and "Boot,Chop,Brofist". Congratulations to them and good luck to everyone for the next giveaway! Details are here. Some of you have asked questions that the answers to are right there in the link, including our email address. Take a moment to read it if you have questions.

Don't forget, tomorrow is another "Free Hats & Miscs Monday" and we will have a bunch of hats to give out....the grand prize being a clean Fancy Dress Uniform.


  1. Uhm, maybe you should take off those eerie keys and crates prices. You know, since the event is over...
    Also, looking forward for that clean FDU!

    1. Will do next update. They're still trading a small amount, probably just collectors hoarding the items in other account.

  2. When does giveaways normally start?

  3. How do you give a link to the profile?
    I went to my profile and there's no URL or anything...

    BTW - This is steam account:

    I really want to enter my first raffle and hopefully win! :D

  4. when is free hats and miscs day gonna start? i dont wanna miss it