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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A day in the life of our Trade-analysis software

I thought I would share some values that our trade software output from today.  These trades are from midnight until now, around 6:00 PM EST.  This is a typical number of trades we see from a mid-week day for this 18 hour period.  Weekends often have much more volume.

The fourth column is refined metal traded, the fifth is key(s) traded.  Next to each trade I wrote in notes that help you see action taken, if any.  When I say the price matches sheet it either exactly matches or, most often, is in a range around the number on the sheet.  That is why we have a "+/-" or 2 numbers listed because of this implied range.  Again, there are no exact prices.

Actual trade prices always trump voting on prices.  Prices are what people pay, not what self-interested owners think their item is worth.

We will post more of these as we get closer and closer to the site relaunch.

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  1. I believe you typed 'refined metal traded (in refined)', which seems a bit redundant.