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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free key for Thursday (key won, no more emails)

Right now we are giving away a free key to emailer #20. Email us only once, include a link to your steam profile (many names have duplicates). Contest details and answers to most of your questions are here.

Update: key for tonight has been won, no more emails please.

For tonight, there can be only one!  That one who won was Terra.  He happened to be emailer #20, sent a link to their steam profile and emailed only once. Congratulations to them and good luck to everyone for the next giveaway! Details are here. Some of you have asked questions that the answers to are right there in the link, including our email address. Take a moment to read it if you have questions.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, no. You were actually like 25 or so. All I said was you came in after the winning email.

  2. Ah, ok. Well, more reference for me next time!

  3. could you guys do the key giveaways during about 9 AM - 1 PM in your timezone? cause for alot of us in europe thats the time we are home from school and unfortunately we miss alot of the giveaways :/

  4. I forgive you for enslaving the Bat-Monkeys
    You're off the "Evil People That I Should Kill List".