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Saturday, October 20, 2012

First Saturday giveaway...(prize won! finally!)

Our first giveaway for today is a scavenger hunt of sorts and comes from contributor Terry (who previously sent in a puzzle not long ago).  The winner will be emailer #3 who sends in all correct answers.  Translation: if you get everything right and are first to email, you don't win.  You have to be the 3rd email in our inbox with the correct answers.  If your answers are incorrect, you don't win and your email doesn't add to the count.  As always, send your steam id link and only one email per person.

The winner gets 2 keys.

Follow these instructions carefully!!!
Go to Click on the “Videos” tab. Use the drop arrow that
currently says “Show: Most Popular (Week)” change it to “Show: Most Popular (All Time). I will not make
you watch every single video (I’m not that cruel), but the top 15 you will have to watch in order to win.
I give you a very specific quote from 5 of the videos (They will not repeat in any other videos). When
you find the specific quote you must have the correct time it is said during the video (There will be a 2
second difference acceptance. Ex. Your answer is 1:34, the correct answer is 1:36. It will be accepted
since it is only 2 seconds apart from the quote. The time to write down is when the first word of the
quote is said.). You also need to include the person who uploaded it and the title of the video. In summary, you need to find 15 things total: Video Title, Name of Uploader, and Time of Quote from 5 different videos.

Quotes you have to find. n_n

1. Sometimes you just need a little less gun.
2. How many wonders can one backpack hold?
3. Why did you kiss my ear?
5. Slap my hand!

Update: this prize has been won, thanks for your entries.  No more emails for this giveaway please.

Today's winner was Ehren. Honorable mentions go to Andrew and Chris for being the 1st and second emails we received.  Congratulations to Ehren and good luck to everyone for the next giveaway! Details are here. Some of you have asked questions that the answers to are right there in the link, including our email address. Take a moment to read it if you have questions.


1. TeamFormers, Donvius, 7:58
2. Just One More Hat, Jojje, 0:40
3. Those Aren't Pillows, Dan the Man, 0:44
4. Meet the Soldier Directed by Michael Bay, Alfa.SqD, 0:42
5. The First Wave, Kostamoinen, 3:47


  1. whoops saw the key giveaway active and immediately sent email without looking at post xD sorry about that guys.


  2. #1 and I'd thought I spent too long trying to find them xD

  3. dang it got it 30 seconds right after the update was finished ;_;

  4. Does the key giveaway active thig still show? Cause I don't see it anymore.

  5. I hope everyone had fun doing this puzzle! I plan to make more for the future but school is my main priority. See you all soon. ^_^