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Monday, August 6, 2012

Today's first key (1 of 2) has been won.

Well that was an epic one, thanks again to Terry for contributing the puzzle.  Here's how it came down.  Stenten was the first to get all the words, however being first as you know was not the 'key' so to speak.  Good for him though being #1.  Then 2 people who will remain nameless had submitted answers.  One decided only to do the last phrase, which he got correct but he didn't get the other 10!  Then we got another email with all but one answer correct!  Didn't count!

Our winner was Jwutheheadcase.  He was the 2nd person to send all the correct answers.  Congratulations to him and good luck to everyone for today's second free key.


1. the mobile feline
2. the heart breaker
3. united states constitution
4. the blood agent
5. le crabe
6. the apple-a-day
7. the mine layer
8. the vending machine
9. lil' robin
10. ze bodybag

voodoo pin


  1. Damn, the one with the wrong answer was me. That was the one I was least sure about, too.

  2. lulz. i hope that you guys had fun. Thank you Admin for using my puzzle. Surprised that it took a little less than 2 hours but still, lulz. Hope to return soon. ^_^