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Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 more Tour of Duty Tickets up for grabs (tickets won, no more emails)

Emailers #2 and #22. Email us only once, include a link to your steam profile (many names have duplicates). Contest details and answers to most of your questions are here, just substitute "ticket" for "key".

Tickets have been won, no more emails please.

Manu_97_coolio and SchizoidTeddyBear were the latest Tour of Duty Ticket winners. They were emailers #2 and #22, sent a link to their steam profile and emailed only once. Congratulations to them and good luck to everyone for the next ticket giveaway! Details are here, just substitute "ticket" for "key". Some of you have asked questions that the answers to are right there in the link, including our email address (which I forgot the link to originally). Just take a moment and things should be more clear.


  1. whats your email address ? I'd have written an email but i dont know it :/

  2. Hello, I don't know if this is the rigth place to post it, but well.
    Anyone knows what would be aproximately the price of the AWPerhand when it becomes tradeable? I would like to know more are less how much will the price be.

    1. They don't have any trades to build the data on so they can't make any estimation at all yet.

    2. Yeah, anyways maybe there was like a estimated price since people are already trying to get offers on outpost.
      Thanks for the information.

    3. Sorry to just get to this. There's no way to estimate it. It's not likely to be all that valuable just because its a reskin and the game for which it's a promo is rather popular - that means a lot of people will likely have it.

  3. Meh. Fat finger day:

    ArgonBorn said "Well the Sharp Dresser is expensive but it's even worse: you can't fench with it... "