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Monday, July 16, 2012

Today's key can be yours.. (update: won)

..if you are emailer #32, you send your steam name, and you only email once (we check).  If you are #32 in our inbox and you don't include a steam name, or email us more than once, you will not win.

Liusgustavsson was today's winner of a free key. He was the 32nd person to email us with his steam name. Congratulations to Liusgustavsson and good luck to everyone for tomorrow's free key (details here).


  1. People are taking their time! Half an hour in, when I sent my email and I'm 18th...

    1. That took a while this morning. We had our first disqualification from winning. I won't mention names but someone who was sending random emails at off hours, actually sent in #32.

  2. The awkward moment, when it is the eighteenth here, and 17.07 code still has not been posted.

  3. why are they always so late ahhh :'(

    better than nothing I guess though.