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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today's First free scorched key (1/4) has been won

SuperShadow271 has won today's first (of 4 total) free Scorched key. He sent us the 50th email (in retrospect this late at night 50 took a while!) and his email initially went in the spam folder which we constantly monitor so all is good. Congratulations to SuperShadow271 for winning today's first free Scorched key and good luck to everyone for the final 3 scorched keys (if you're new look here and here). 

Also for today, there's still 2 Robot Chicken codes key to win as well sometime before midnight keep checking back for that chicken!  Busy day here!


  1. Congrats! Could you reply as to what place I came in at?

  2. Wow! Thank goodness you checked the spam folder and thank you again for the key! I was starting to think I'd never be lucky enough to win one of these...