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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Today's second Scorched Key (June 30th) has been won.

Well that was easy wasn't it?  Many of you got the code to us very quickly but Gmail says there is only one winner and that's numero uno.  CommunistManifesto has won today's second free Scorched Key.  He was the first to send us the code which was "Old Guadalajara".  The code was written in a picture file on the bottom left hand side of the screen and said "Ze text you seek is "Old Guadalajara".  Congratulations to CommunistManifesto for winning today's second free Scorched key (and taking part in capitalism).  Good luck to everyone on tomorrow's next free Scorched key (details here and here). In short, we are giving away a Scorched key every day (today there were two) until 7/11/12.


  1. Oh wow, I sent it 30 secs after seeing it and someone beat me to it? Dayum. But regardless, cheer to the winner and welcome to the key winner club!

    Just for curiosity, in what place was I?

    1. 4 people sent it to us the first minute it was posted, you were 3rd.

    2. Haha nice!

      Also, on a not so important note: Looks like the Manniversary Package's notes have a misspelling. It says 'Manniversrary'. Like I said, not so important, but you should still fix it for the grammar nazis out there.

      Now back to my Demoknight antics...

  2. Hey admin. I noticed a typo. It's not scorched shot, but scorch shot, not so big typo, but still a typo.