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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today's key (June 9th) has been won.

[»LLF«]The Invisible Rogue has won today's key. He was the first to email us the correct code from today "nightshift". It was hidden on the "Key" tab (fitting, no?) in a cell on the right and read 'You stayed up later than usual. Today's special word is "nightshift"'. Congratulations to Invisible Rogue for winning. Good luck to everyone for tomorrow's key (details on all the key giveaway madness here).


  1. WOW that sucks, i have been watching the key tab all day because i had been expecting it to be there for like 3 days now. And the minute i go away it pops up there.

    1. Eh, it happens dude. I unfortunately have suffered that fate since day one of this giveaway. Just one moment I go out and the code is already posted. Bah...

      But congratulations to the winner!

  2. Ahahah

    I sent the email with the code and my steamid at 10:01, and I still lost.