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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today's key (June 24th) has been won.

Unique Mesprit has won today's free key.  He was the first to send us all the complete and correct answers.  Again, there were several of you who beat him to the punch, but he was the first to have all the complete and correct answers, which are:

Ol Snaggletooth

Dead Ringer
Purity Fist
Sandvich Safe
Made Man
Stainless Pot
Larrikin Robin

Congratulations to  Unique Mesprit on winning today's key.  Good luck to everyone else for tomorrow's (details here if you are late to the game).


  1. Aarg. I sent "sandvich" instead of "sandvich safe".

  2. 1. dang it I only had 7 of them
    2. you put jag in twice

    1. Jag did appear twice, you are correct. That's the word search creator's randomness it wasn't meant to be in there a second time. Sorry for any confusion.

  3. Heh, at first I sent 9 words, I didn't notice there were 15 of them.. I found almost all after, I couldn't find Jag and Made man.Damn, it was pretty easy, I found the 9 words I sent in like 8 minutes. But, after I've sent my answers, I stopped looking.. I went back to this site like 10 minutes after, to see who won. There was no winner yet and I noticed there are 15 words.. Well I tried to find the rest but I didn't find Jag and Made man in time ;( I found them when winner was notified already :(

  4. I found them all in four minutes. I know I lost, but it was because at the time this was posted it was 8AM~ in the morning here in Cali, meaning I was asleep. Still, nothing like a good word search to get the day going. Also, I'm not frustrated by this one, since I cannot blame sleep for missing the key. Sleep's for important for me than this key. Also, European's needed a chance to win after all!

    Cheers to the winner.

  5. Also, a suggestion Admin. If you made word search puzzles, why not make crossword puzzles? Really, a 20-word crossword puzzle would be awesome!

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