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Friday, April 13, 2012

Extreme TF2 Data

If you're anything like us, you love your TF2 data.  You come here to get a sense of what items are worth in the marketplace.  There is a lot of mystery to the marketplace due to the sheer amount of accounts and items out there circulating.  With the migration towards F2P and the influx of many new gamers everything got a whole lot more complicated.

While much remains a mystery, base64 has taken things to the next level with his insightful analysis.  His historical earbuds price chart (link here) is very interesting as it shows the movement in the price of buds recently.  Also his estimated money supply page lays out estimates of in-game currency (link here).

Comments and discussion welcome.


  1. Just thought I'd let you know, the spreadsheet search is not formatting correctly under IE. If you search for the exact item (Say, a Bubble Pipe - which has only one match) the window is too small and I can't see anything but the key at the top. It does say 1 of 1 matches found, but I can't see them. Rather annoying since it forces me to scroll down the list to find them instead of using the search.

  2. Then why is the price of the buds are rising?
    I dont get it.

  3. Shintsu: thanks, will pass this on to our developer who is working on upgrades and other things....coming soon!

    Soa: price is rising because more people want buds than want to sell them. If you look at base64's chart its very typical for anything people buy and sell. peaks, troughs and everything.

  4. i have a question....why do you price things in buds instead of all keys....??? are essentially saying if buds go up in price then so does every single item better than buds....

  5. hey admin, this is a totally unrelated comment.
    but i just want to ask if there is an actual price for the "Black Rose" :o
    or will it remain blank forever

    Cheers :P

  6. Seems keys are going for 2.50 or 2.55 now... never 2.44. It seems that 2.55 is so firm as 2.33 were six months ago.

    1. going to who?
      Traders who sell keys typically sell them for 2.50-2.66
      Those who buy them typically do that for 2.33-2.50
      It' so-called 'spread' :D as in financial markets.

  7. Russ: we try to price things as would trade for. Ex; if an item trades for bills we try to list the price as that.

    Unknown: unknown. xD Seriously though the game is free so until Valve changes this then black rose doesn't have much value except to lazy people.

    Fabio: not sure what servers you are on but we see keys go for 2.44 all the time still. This is perhaps the most surprising non-change in price we've seen.

  8. My question is why is it that "much remains a mystery"? This is not a derivatives market where average Joe can't understand. What is the method behind the madness? What meta-analysis are being evaluated to understand demand and supply? Prices seem to change affecting one item and not anything else. If you ask me, the financial markets are simple compared to the spreadsheet and what influences it.

    Reviewing the data by Base 64 shows many holes in the data. Why are keys even evaluated since they are a one time use item? A dollar on the street is used to purchase something but that dollar gets circulated. Keys are not always used in that manner. Free 2 play backpacks are not considered but they can purchase outside on the secondary market with cash and never really pay into the system. These are just a few examples. For something that should be simple such as a small market on virtual items, it seems a large effort in making this less understandable to people.