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Thursday, March 1, 2012

New update released...

Team Fortress 2


  1. Portuguese for "Updated localization files"


  1. Strange Festives need to be updated. Medi gun has been going for like 15-17 keys, sometimes more. Rocket is about 10 as well, and I think bat and scatter may be higher. Everything else is right for the most part though

  2. MrDrPsycho: its like you're on the team you are a regular. The Strange Festives did need to be looked at, however 15-17 keys is at the high end of value for scatter or bat or medi gun. Trades have occurred recently in the 9-11 key range, but we will keep a close eye on these as the values look to be on the rise.

  3. Just curious since I've been out of the trading game for awhile - has Valve done anything about those duped Max heads or are they still roaming around the market? I thought about getting a Max head since I see they're down to 2 buds, but it seems their value is declining - so unsure if it's not better to keep more reliable items as far as trade value (Like buds and bills).

  4. Shintsu: while there was no official statement from Valve on duping that we know of, the problem was resolved. The day that it was widely known that they could be duplicated, trading became unavailable and supposedly the issue was 'fixed'. Lvl 1 and 7 Max Heads are widely considered levels that were duped, but there were other items as well.

    From a value standpoint, Max has come down due to the duping but also because Buds had been rising in value. There appears to be a slowdown in Max's decline with a 2:1 equilibrium as of late. The market fluctuates of course so this will likely change.

  5. Why are the bud prices going down? Will they fall further or should I hang on to them and hope for them to rise again?

  6. @Firebolt Buds are going down because there are less demand for them. This spreadsheet simply lists what they are going for. A lot of people already have buds, so they have no use to spend 25 keys on them. Most people are selling, while not as many are buying. Same with the bills. Everyone who wants/can afford buds/bills already has them. As far as buds go, I'd say try to sell them for things that are going up in price, such as Strange Festives, or the Big Kill.

  7. @Admin regarding duplicated items: While not an official statement, Tony Paloma (A.K.A. Drunken F00l) left a few comments on the steam forums a while ago.

    There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about these duplicated items; which is partly due to misinformation, but also born out of ignorance as to what exactly they are and whether or not Valve is likely to delete them at some point.
    I'll let you read his posts for yourself but I thought that it might interest you if you've not already read it.

  8. wstroud: thanks for the link. While it gives tidbits of info, there is nothing unfortunately to quantify or get a sense of scope.