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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TF2 Spreadsheet Steam Group

We just want to give a shout-out to our friends ZombieK and Beverage at the TF2 Spreadsheet Steam Group.  They maintain the group of over 800 gamers and are all around good people.  They also successfully worked around last summer's "ponies" and "trolls" take-over of the old steam group (when someone gave admin privileges to all gaming group members - a real mess, don't try it at home).  Drop them a comment or thanks over at the Steam group here.


  1. question

    since buds are worth around 25 keys now...
    would they be worth around 30 dollars?

    1. no, they would be worth over 62 dollars because each key is worth 2.50

      25 x 2.50 = 62.50

  2. Can't you get like the normal stats of items instead of like "Genuine Hero's tail" just get the normal Hero's tail?

  3. What if I want to get the normal price of an item? instead of only getting the price for the Genuine Hero's tail can't I get a price for one that isn't genuine?

    Sorry for stupidity if it is stupidity.

  4. Unknown: there are prices for NG items, in the NV/NS/NG/NH/Dirty column.