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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PSA: Unorganized raffles are like radioactivity...

Stay far away!  There is a trend on trade servers for gamers to hold impromptu, unorganized raffles of random items.  Often the raffle holder will have a small buy-in with the chance to win a valuable item.  This item could be a hat or a bills.  The chance of getting something valuable for a little risk encourages many to take the plunge and give away their metal or worse.  Of course there is no guarantee that the raffle holder will pay out said item.  If he or she does it may be to a friend to give the appearance of being legit.  Then there is the buy-in, often described as "slots" remaining and so forth.  Here also, there is no guarantee that once said slots are filled with buy-ins that the raffle holder stops taking more.

Stick to official raffles, held by reputable groups with real presences such as actual servers, sites and admins who are more public.  Even here things can be sketchy.  Spy-crabbing is also another game of chance, make sure to use a middleman for any spy-crab for anything substantial.  The only true official raffle are crates of course.  Any way you do it, use your noodle.

That is all.  Be well.  Have a good drop night.


  1. I won a Familiar Fez in a spycrab competition once. Payed a rec for it, but it was damn worth it

  2. Well isn't this a bit sketchy also? your comment on the one Soldier Medal "11,112 medals outstanding" Like this is meaning that they're a bit more rare in numbers ingame than Buds reflecting the price range you have listed. If this is in fact the case then the price of the B.M.O.C. and Ebenezer should justly reflect it's rarity in value. If we do rough numbers on buds ingame we find about 13,000 in game according to tf2stats and using the same guide we can find that there is just under 3000 B.M.O.C.s and even less Ebenezers in game so doing simple division with rounded numbers 13,000 / 3000 we can see that there are 4.3333333 Earbuds to every B.M.O.C. in TF2. So if this is the case then those two hats because of rarity alone should be worth at the very least 4 sets of Earbuds. Now that we've shed light on these facts, we believe your spreadsheet should be updated reflecting the appropriate pricing for the B.M.O.C. and Ebenezer.

    The TF2 community

  3. I wouldnt trust people in those servers, I would trust it more in a securer system like

  4. Soldier medals are bit unique in that, aside from special items such as the Top Notch and Golden Wrench, it is the only item in game that we know exactly how many were given out.

  5. Bob: congratulations, you were a lucky one you got your item.

    Josh: BMOC and Ebeneezer's rarity is only one factor of its price. The most important one is how much people are willing to pay for it, and right now its a lot less than buds. When people start paying buds for a BMOC then we will be all over it.

    Will: This comment should go on the poll thread. True, however.

  6. Actually it was aimed toward Josh, who was insinuating that you were fixing prices by stating the quantity of that item and not others that could be said to be just as or more rare. I was pointing out why this might be justified.

  7. Will: ok that makes more sense. The quantity of soldier medals is known, yes. BMOC/Ebeneezers are in fact more rare than Buds/Bills. But what Josh fails to understand is that Buds/Bills already have a long-established currency value in the game. BMOC/Ebeneezers are a seasonal item that has significance for a few months at most during a year. Those are some reasons for the difference.

  8. Also, the buds/bills, in my opinion, look much better. If I see a guy wearing a buds or a bills, I respect him, those are some nice looking items. But I see a guy with a BMOC or an ebenzer, and its spring time, I can't really respect them. Plus, the ebenzer is downright ugly.

  9. "BMOC/Ebeneezers are a seasonal item that has significance for a few months at most during a year. Those are some reasons for the difference." -admin

    if this is true then why are flip flops worth as much as they are? seasonal item, limited time, AND ANYONE COULD BUY THEM IN THE STORE! correct me if im wrong but the BMOC/Ebeneezer WAS ONLY from the steam gift pile not in the store, crafting or any other means.

    also if its a matter of a item being RARE makes that makes it worth more could we also take a look at the Vintage Fan O War and Vintage Concheror only reason i have found was "limited craft window" and rarity yet they are 2 buds.

    Seems a rather harsh somewhat senseless double standard.

  10. Unknown: Ultimately you are getting angry at the wind. The price we put here is what people are paying.

    You do make an interesting point about the flip flops. Again, my guess as to why there is a difference is flip flops are a more unique item, like essential accessories. The clean versions also are limited and create an extra level of rarity.

    From the outset V. Concheror and V. Fan o'War have been some of the ultimate items for collectors. There are only a few hundred all together.

    All I'm offering is why I think people value things differently. The price is the price people pay.