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Friday, February 24, 2012

A note on "Old" vintage weapons

There is some confusion surrounding pricing of older vintage weapons.  Some of you may not have been into gaming and/or trading TF2 since it first started around Fall of 2010.  The original group of vintage weapons/hats/miscs has been around since that time, anything obtained prior was made vintage quality.  There was a second group of vintages from the Australian Christmas weapons where Valve lowered crafting recipe costs and made all the previously crafted versions vintage quality (as well as Shogun 2 and RIFT weapons).

The first group of vintage weapons, known as the "old" vintage weapons are fairly common.  The only exception being Vintage Crit-a-Cola which sold for and continues to hold its value at around 1 refined each.  There were some other weapons that were slightly more rare (but none near V. Crit-a-cola's rarity) like the V. Dalokohs, V. Skullcutter, V. Southern Hospitality, and V. Pain Train but generally these items have sold for a standard 1-2 scrap each.  And then there is the ever-popular V. Huntsman but this item is not rare.

Now we see some industrious people with outlandish prices for V. Bonk, V. Dead Ringer and others.  You are welcome to pay whatever you want for these items but they are not rare.  If you shop around you will easily find these items in the 1 reclaimed metal range.  The point is don't go into debt over items that can be easily picked up on the cheap.


  1. Wow, I had no idea the v. crit-a-cola was 1 refined. I'm glad I still have mine even though I never use it.

  2. That's cool and all, but try to keep your opinions to yourself and let the people do what they want. You have a huge influence on the trading market already. I hope that doesn't come off as being rude.

  3. KenDog: Not at all, we'll just take that Eternal Reward out of our back now! Joking aside, we try very hard not to interfere with the market and provide facts. This is one of those cases where we didn't have prices specifically listed because it was (well, once was) common knowledge that most vintage weapons were not rare. With the influx of new players they are not aware of subtleties and can be taken advantage of.

  4. @St.Louis KenDog I don't see what's wrong with expressing an opinion. If there are people out there who take the opinions for granted, then let them be as you'd want to be. Its gamers like who you despise guides in an attempt to revert trading back into the beta ages. Without guides, new people such as myself wouldn't know what the current trend is. Like a game guide to lets the bat, Pokemon. (Notable for its dictionary thick guides) Without them, people who are really interested about the inside works of the game and tips, wouldn't have access to this feature. A Payed feature. This guide to as you can say Item Fortress 2, is free and readily available on the internet. There's dozens of others out there as well, all unique in their own way. Who's to stop traders from following those than this one? Everyone's entitled to their opinion. It's a bloody GAME. Personally, I'd like to hear more from the Admin, who I know nothing about but is grateful for his contribution to TF2.

    @Admin: Perhaps posting a tagline between Spreadsheet and Banner about this should be used as a guide or such? I miss the old tagline you had on there.

  5. Special note really should be made for off-level vintages as well - I've seen the prices fluctuate extremely wildly for some with interesting levels.

  6. Garett: Thanks. What tagline are you referring to? Our Key tab has disclaimers and methodology.

    Dak: same response, levels are discussed in the Key tab.

  7. @ Admin: You at one point had it saying The Genuine TF2 Item Spreadsheet or somewhere along the lines. XD

    Helps detect other sheets that try to copy yours, and sounded funny.

  8. Hey Admin, I know this is off topic, but I got a Planets Vintage Merryweather. Marvin the Martian :D Btw, the unusual section needs to be updated.