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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New poll: steam trading for everyone!

The one constant in gaming is that things never stay the same.  Valve has decided to get rid of the old in-game trading system in favor of the Steam trading popup window.  Gone is the 8 item limitation and having to add someone if you want to do any trade beyond the average.  It's a plus now you don't have to add someone you're going to delete two seconds later.   It's also a shortcut if you want a steam coupon or Spiral Knights items (does anyone?) or Skyrim.

Then there's the downside.  It's painfully slow, timeouts and errors often occur, and your backpack is completely unrecognizable.  To make it worse there's the random trades which are even more annoying when you have to wait to find out someone wants to sell you a non-craftable batters helm (we believe the same dirty batters is making its way around the planet).

So vote on it and tell us your opinion.  To the right.  That is all.


  1. Can someone explain me why since the update I have my items No tradeables sometimes? (Crates Include)

    For me, force us to use steam trade its a fail!! (Sorry for my english)

  2. R-life: not sure what you mean, but I checked SPUF general forums and don't see a thread for your problem with non-tradeable items since the update.

  3. Admin, please polish your excel skill and implement proper sorting by "refined est" column, currently "26 keys" are displayed less valuable than "1x bills".

  4. I can see the bells and whistles of it working, but using the Steam Trade is something that's been pushed WAY too fast. Many rigs and games cannot use Steam In-Game and have to be disabled, potentially causing some difficulties for traders.

    They should have put Steam Trade INSIDE the GAME not in the Steam Community feature. I love being able to trade across different games and Steam but if it involves having Steam Community pop-up, its not going to work.

    Like to see how limitations are being removed but they're going about it the wrong way.

  5. My computer has proxy problems, so I can't steam trade. The only way I could trade was through the ingame trade! And now, I can't even do that. I've heard that this was only a temporary test by Valve, what for, I have no idea. I think I've heard they may be using this as a place holder while they do some work on the old trading system and make it better. They better bring back the normal trading soon though.

  6. atata: actually its not an excel issue but we are aware of it and its on our list to fix.

    Garrett: Judging by the reaction in the community, they are going to have to address this.

    MrDrPsychopath: We had the same issue on one of our pricers desktops, he had run Tweaknow powerpack and it took out steam window internet access. He says he had to reinstall steam. You might want to try that if you already haven't.

  7. this new system sucks on ice!!old one was best!!

  8. No, that's not the problem. Our school's internet has all kinds of proxy blocks that don't allow certain things, such as steam, so whenever I try to steam trade, it will say "error, cache access denied", and come up with an ipcop message. The school's proxy carried over on my computer D: Hopefully the new and improved trading while come back soon

  9. can tf2 f2ps now trade? (with steam mpremium acc)

    (posted the same question before, but because it doesnt show up ill ask again :)

  10. TheGoingDown: f2p can receive items but not give them, which is the same as it was before this most recent update.

  11. Well I have to admit. It's one of the worst changes I've ever seen with this game. The "old" 8 item trading was at least, a fast and reliable alternative for when steam trading was jacked up. Now whenever I smelt items, there's a delay for them to show up in steam trade. Also decal'd items still probably don't state that they have a decal applied. Horrible!

  12. I can say easily on behave of most people who have been playing tf2 for a long time, that the old system was much better all around. Steam trade was only used when making large trades like a buds for a large some of refined. The fact is that since f2p has begun the understanding of prices in the market has gone down on a large scale. What people need to understand is that if you want to trade more than 8 items you should friend that person and then trade.

    other notes'
    Steam trade is slow and next to never works.

    tf2 trade is fast and dependable