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Sunday, January 29, 2012

PSA: steam phishing sites

We've known people to be burned by these sites.  No matter how obvious a scam entering your email username and password may seem like, there will be people who fall for it.  When a site looks like the one you trust it's sometimes easy to be fooled.  That said, always check the URL before putting in your steam information.  This goes for logging into Steam, signing into your bank accounts, email websites, whatever.

Here's the latest one making the front page on Reddit.

1 comment:

  1. Man what a bunch of amazes me for one to see people still falling for it, its another when I see a fail 'Steam Site'. Who the hell asks for your Email and Password? Sorta...takes stupidity on a whole new level, Steam Guard's supposed to prevent this, guess they're finding a way around it. -_-

    Should also add that if anyone receives any emails like this, ensure you change your password as soon as possible, chances are your Steam Account Name AND current Password have been compromised but if you're one of the few (This scares me) that actually signed up for Steam Guard, this is the result of it saving your account from being stolen.