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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Your eternal blog post

The new crates having been out a couple days and the marquee item is clearly the new strange Your Eternal Reward.  Not particularly surprising, as the "unique" or regular, dropped version is consistently one of those items people actually pay a scrap for (along with the Original, Huntsman, and whatever is new).  Also, Your Eternal Reward has been one of the best selling items in the store.  Maybe some of you spy gurus can shed some light on this for us.  Just de-cloak and jot down a few words.

More later.


  1. It's likely that it fetches a better price because it helps complete the saharan spy set. Few set bonuses are as useful as the saharan.

  2. I can't wait to wait for the strange YER to drop down to a semi-affordable price. Same with Gunslinger, those two would complete my 22-weapon Strange collection.

  3. Yeah, the Saharan Spy is a pretty nice set, and it even has a strange l'etranger already...

  4. Dude there's a mistake there infernal impaler (clean) should be 7-8 refined and the dirty one 4-6 just like the aspector they are the same price on the store.

  5. See my blog post about this Shadow.