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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick tidbit on integrity

'Allo fellow TF2'ers.  Every once in a while we like to address things going on in the TF2 community.  Today is a busy one, as you can already read about the Genuine Purity Fist & Clean 2011 Skull post here.  However, it is also important to talk about some hearsay about our little spreadsheet and "price fixing".

While we have already discussed our methodology, we never thought our actual integrity was being questioned until some other competing websites started popping up looking curiously similar to ours.  Their creators were claiming that TF2 Spreadsheet (that's us) is corrupt!  With no evidence of course they go on to accuse us of price-fixing for our own gain, therefore their new price website is the white knight in shining armor coming to save the day!

Let us just say this: we would not have lasted as long nor be as often used a resource if people thought our prices were fixed.  All of our editors are active traders who submit their price reports and I, your humble Admin, compile them to one price for each item.  I personally do not trade for profit anymore.  My gains were made trading unusuals (we don't even offer prices on them) and regular items way back in the early months of 2011.  However, I am on trade servers and forums for several hours a day.  Yes I am probably watching you right now.

So when someone says something insane like we're fixing prices, and when they can't offer proof tell them to go and play Naughty Bear instead.


  1. Is this price fixing? No. For the most part the prices are right on par with what people are asking. Though I will say that the spreadsheet itself doesn't just passively lists prices but does somewhat cause some of the prices. Yet, there probably isn't a better system.

    Going through the prices I'll say this much: the soilder medals are overpriced on here. Genuine maul/genuine el say bills +team captain plus light sweets could probably net you one. LIsting it with buds seems a bit optimistic. The v luger I think if someone has the bills can force the v luger owner to add a couple ref in sweets. I still think some of the lower and mid-tiered vintage hats are overpriced here.

    On the flip side, i've had serious trouble getting el jefe at 3 ref and bonk boy is a much easier 2 (list at 1.6) than some of those list at same price (scotch bonnet).

    All in all traders need to be diligent about taking this as advice, not like its a bible. At the end its about supply and demand. better believe if i come at you with 1.3 ref for you mongolian ,you best make that trade cuz I dont care what this list says, your gonna have a tough time getting 2 or even 1.6 for it. And no, its not lowballing you if i offer you the low end for your low demand hat.

    I hope your 3 hours waiting for another offer is worth a "potential" additional reclaimed.

    -a tasty serving of (

  2. - a tasty serving of: thanks for your comments.

    We have yet to witness a Soldier medal being sold for less than a buds or rough equivalent. You suggest g. maul/g. el jefe which are buds equivalent as of now. That said, soldier medals are not easy to unload.

    El Jefe is listed at 3-4 refined, which you may be right as its very difficult to buy at 3 exactly. Often a new item has a "spread" in stock terms. This is getting to be a more middle aged item and may warrant a "+/-" notation. We'll check on this one (as well as bonk boy).

    You have good advice for traders. We don't want our prices to be a bible. We want to reflect the market and not inhibit it. Suggestions like these are great and we appreciate them.

  3. From what I've seen with the Summer Sets, it isn't really understood what makes them clean. Because there are 4 variations floating around. Non-gifted Non-Craftable, Non-Gifted Craftable, Gifted Non Craftable, Gifted Craftable. Any clarification on what a clean one should be exactly?

  4. The community has come to see "clean" as being devoid of any extra descriptive text (gifted by, craft #, craft name) and limitations (needing gift-wrap, non-craftability). Anything "dirty" has one or more of these text or limitations.