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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Name your price or else...

Our latest poll brought up the subject of trading etiquette.  Many times traders will say they have something available and refuse to tell you what they want for it.  Sometimes it means they have no idea what its worth.  Sometimes they are playing a game where the person to name the price is either the fool because he/she offered too much OR more likely rejected/ignored because the offer isn't what the seller has in mind.  Our traders think "its annoying" more than "smart trading"...

When someone is selling something and they tell you to "Offer" for it.

Annoying, they should just ask for what they want.
  262 (54%)
Good trading, whoever says a price first is at a disadvantage.
  179 (36%)
It doesn't matter to me
  44 (9%)

Votes so far: 485
Poll closed


  1. Hey man loving your work. Not sure how to contact you but anyway... The killer exclusive comes as clean not dirty. Regarding the (UK/US?) it is only available in the UK.

  2. Double thanks and noted. It is available for US in an upcoming issue if the reports are true.

  3. Most people in the TF2 community have no idea how to actually barter...

    They say "offer", I ask what they want. They then say "offer" again. When in reality I am asking if they want stranges/hats/metal/keys. They finally then say metal generally. Then I put up a reasonable trade and they insta-close the trade like morons that don't know what a counteroffer is, or haggling, or being mature.

    Funny thing is almost everyone that ever instacloses me (and doesn't counteroffer), always accepts the next trade invite and finally talks a little more.

    Overall, I hate trading because people are morons/immature.

  4. Hi, fellow trader here, and I have a small suggestion...

    Of course, I love the work put into this sheet and having this ALONE is a great convienience to all traders, and I deeply appreciate that. :D

    So here's my small, small suggestion:

    I would love to see a search bar for the spreadsheet. The "type in an item and it comes up first" kind of search bar.

    Sometimes I come here while I'm playing, looking for a quick price check on an item someone is selling or offering me (not that I ask for offers ^_^") and I often end up spending quite a bit of time trying to find it on here, sometimes only to realize it's under a completely different color-coded section. ><
    Even alphabetacal, or SOME order would fix this, but rather than mess up your beautiful sections I suggest looking into somehow getting a search bar either here or some other, linked place.

    Of course, I know that some things just are not possible, and that's fine too. But if this is at all, some future possiblity, (even in valve-time future XD), that would be awesome. :D

  5. Unknown: good suggestions. You can do a "Ctrl-F" in your browser window and it will bring up a search box. However, sorting and searching are all going to be included in our "spreadsheet 2.0 upgrade". More on that later....