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Monday, August 29, 2011

New poll

Speaks for itself.  We all hate converting Bill/Buds to refined and noone trades them that way anyways (even though they can trade more than 8 items rather easily with the new Steam trading beta).  And since we started putting Max/HOUWAR/Medals in terms of buds why not switch to keys?  Your opinion counts.  Let us know.  Be well.


  1. How come Im still seeing Refs?

  2. I think the poll is still going. I voted for keys anyways. No one trades for it in refined, though refined is a semi useful in comparing prices.

  3. Would keys always be considered 2.33 refined or 2 refined since the value seems to differ form person to person.

  4. converting to keys leave a margin for smaller value items. That high value items are done in keys/bills/buds and maybe max's, sure, but the average craft hat? 0.5 key? 1 refined = 0.4347 key?

    or bit better hats that go for say 3 refined... its more then a key, but less then 2. writing 1.28 keys?

    At least refined are "breakable" in terms, and for lower value more precise in usage. Also, supply of refined is always there. Keys on the other hand, are harder to get for normal traders not pulling money, for they must idle/play a couple weeks b4 having 1 ref.

    I'm all for it for the higher value items, buds and higher, but bills and lower should be in refs imo.

  5. Refineds are very good to compare on... like 5 ref = a bit over 2 keys. You should totally keep it on refineds, that's how new players will get into the trading.

  6. I rarely see bill's sold for anything apart from keys, and I think sacrificing easy comparison between items (which is useless anyway, who needs to compare a craftable hat and a bill's?) in favor of a more straightforward price is a fair trade (pun intended).

    Also I think the price for buds needs to be adjusted. It rarely goes for two bill's unless they are painted. It would probably make more sense to just convert them to keys as well.

  7. I've bought all my buds with refined. I hardly deal with keys since people always value them to their advantage. 2 ref for buyers, 2.33 for sellers. Its annoying.